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Tee off your married life with a hole-in-one wedding venue… your favourite golf course.

Although a golf course wedding may not have crossed your mind before, it’s worth checking out. In fact, there are several surprise benefits of a golf course wedding you might not have considered. Here are few:

Ceremony & Wedding Reception; One Location

While you might think of a golf club as merely an elegant reception venue, it can be a beautiful site for your ceremony and photo ops too - with the beautiful backdrops they can offer. Hosting both your ceremony and reception at one site is easier on you, your wedding party, and your guests for several reasons:

  • Convenience:

  • Your belongings stay at one location.

  • You only have to work with one set of staff.

  • Setup and teardown are seamless.

  • You can ask your hair stylist and makeup artist to meet you at the club so you can get ready there.

  • Convenient parking for your wedding guests.

  • Save Money & Time:

  • You don’t need to fund the cost of transportation between venues.

  • You get more time to enjoy your special day with your guests.

Less stress. Less things to worry about. More time to Enjoy!

Outdoor & Indoor Ceremony Options

Golf courses and facilities provide this option. With multiple picturesque spots across the property, there are many different places to hold your events. For example, perhaps you might have the ceremony outside before heading inside for the reception, or vice versa.

Outside, the manicured grounds of a golf course offer a variety of spectacular options, regardless of the season. And might your guests not love wandering the gorgeous grounds while you’re off taking pictures or getting dressed before the ceremony?

Beautiful & Unique Backdrops for Photo Ops

Your wedding photos will be the primary way you look back and remember your special day, so it’s important to capture photos that you will cherish forever!

Golf courses offer a whole host of potential photo opportunities from lovely romantic newlywed poses containing sweeping expanses of manicured green to corny and tongue-in-cheek comedic poses involving golf buggies and putts.

  • Natural beauty can be found in spades around the fairways and greens of any golf course. This provides plenty of beautiful vistas and ideal backgrounds for your photos. As you are visiting potential wedding venues don’t be afraid to stroll around the grounds and scope out the best photo op spots. Who knows? These beautiful spots may be the deciding factor for you.

  • Photo booth with golf gear or props can provide your guests with some extra fun shots. Have your picture taken teeing off at the first hole, strike a pose with your favourite club while your groom is struggling under the weight of two golf bags or have your departure photos taken as you ride off into the sunset in a golf buggy.

Feed your guests delicious food with In-House Catering and Bar Services.

Planning a wedding requires making hundreds of decisions – wedding day, venue, wedding party, guest list, music, colours, dresses, centrepieces, etc.

Having access to the golf courses chefs means you don’t have to go out of your way to hire additional caterers or workers to serve at your wedding. This takes an enormous load off your mind as you don’t have to worry about tracking down (hours of scrolling through countless caterers online), sampling and hiring a catering service.

Our chefs can tailor a wedding menu to excite even the biggest food critics while still fitting your budget. It’s one less stress, as you know you are receiving quality service and delicious food.

Professional Staff

You should never underestimate the power of excellent customer service when it comes to your wedding day. From the moment you get engaged, you're going to spend several months planning every little detail – but when the day finally arrives, you don’t want to have to worry about any of those details yourself. That’s why you pick a venue with an exceptional staff. Golf course staff are some of the best in the business.

Staff can answer questions you have relating to the venue leading up to the big day and unlike off-site vendors, they're also onsite on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly. And because our staff are in the hospitality business, you can rest assured knowing they'll welcome your guests with the utmost respect, professionalism and friendliness.

Host your wedding at one of our courses

With luxurious spaces, sprawling landscapes and plenty of great photo spots, it isn’t hard to see why so many people turn to golf clubs as the perfect places to host their weddings. Are you ready to join them and book one of our courses for your special day? Here at Golf Oracle, we invite you to check out our facilities and see which course might be the venue you’ve been looking for to host your wedding.

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